Joan Bennàssar is one of the most prominent artists of Mallorca. He was born in Pollença in 1950. Those were a kind of dark years: hunger was common and there was no public water nor electricity. Nevertheless, an early talent allowed him to iniciate in painting, despite of scarcity, thanks to his drawing teacher. On his pictures he drinks from all sources and synthesizes them, as he has a huge knowledge about the actual art and the avant-garde, but he also deepens in classics. While he was young he emphasized a lot the social ideals, then he went through the abstract art, the impressionism, the sensitivism of Bacon, the realism, the collage with found objects, having the cubism of Picasso always in mind as one of its major influences. Nowadays, with a much more personal style that he refers to as primitivism (that’s how he defines himself “primitivist”) his paintings and sculptures outstand for their high quality of materials.

He has run through lots of bounds and achieved many challenges, but his pride stops him from resting because he wants to show his creations worldwide.
“My father working is an Ulises tided to the mast. He can’t leave his studio, transforming his fight into holidays, because if he ever gives up the sirens he would force one of them to die. That’s the reason why he doesn’t stay nor leave. Anyway, it’s not his hability for magic what impresses me most, it’s the fact of showing me that he fears nothing.”
His son.

The ancient theater of Sóller reopens with Bennàssar

La Defensora Sollerense has been cleaned up after 20 years of inactivity to welcome the new exhibition of Joan Bennàssar, which gathers his latest and hugest works

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Video about the exhibition “Ports of seaweed”.

This video presents the exhibition “Ports of seaweed”, that places more than twenty sculptures all along the seaside of Can Picafort. Summer of 2016.

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Videos from the “Making of” of the exhibition at Can Picafort

Here we share the 5 videos that were made during the emplacement of the sculptures that conform the exhibition “Ports of Seaweed”. Can Picafort, 2016.

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A journey between sculptures at Can Picafort

The exhibition “Ports of seawood”, which places more than twenty Bennàssar sculptures at the seaside of Can Picafort, can be visited between July & October of 2016.

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That’s how Mallorca FC’s sculpture was created!

The 5th of March of 2016, Mallorca Football Club celebrates its centenary presenting a new member, a sculpture from Bennàssar. Here you can watch the magnificent video of its creation.

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Multitudinous mural painting at Cala Rajada’s Promenade

Last 19th of march, about a dozen of mallorcan artists organized hundreds of persons to paint Cala Rajada’s Seaside Promenade in a farewell, as it will be reconstructed.

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