Presentation of “The Rhythm of oars breaking into the sea”

The editorial Benpla has the pleasure to invite you to the presentation of “The rhythm of oars breaking into the sea”, a book with which the artist Joan Bennàssar closes his trilogy about the Mediterranean sea.

Miquel Serra, Heidi Stadler, Antoni M. Planas & Joan Bennàssar will lead this act, that will take place at the Museu de Sóller, c/ de Sa Mar 13 (, in which we will also present a box that gathers all the works that compose this collection: Erotic Majorca (2007), The wine I drink tastes of the sea (2012), The rhythm of oars braking into the sea (2018) & the biography Joan Bennàssar (2008).

¡It will be a pleasure to have you there!

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