“The song of the Earth” at the Auditòrium of Palma

2014-02-28-Auditorium-de-Palma-ArticuloThis 28th of February of 2014, at 20:00 hours, the Symphonic Orchestra of the Balearic Islands, directed by Josep Vicent, incorporates canvases from Joan Bennàssarin one of their most prominent performances: the interpretation of Gustav Mahler‘s The song of the Earth, in Arnold Schönberg version, at the Auditòrium of Palma.


If we should highlight some of the unavoidable aspects from The song of the Earth we will say, firsh of all, that it’s the ninth symphony of the Czech composer, even when he refused to title it in that way as he was trying to escape from the supposed curse that made most of the best classical musicians fall into misfortune, and, in fact, he died before concluding his tenth. Then we would add that it is divided in six movements, inspired and accompained by chineese poems (translated by Hans Bethge) that encouraged Mahler in a dramatic vital moment, as one of his daughters died and he was diagnosed of heart problems.

The Majorcan painter will bring images, through the projection of some paintings that almost acquire movement, onto the back curtain.

Sources: Symphonic Orchestra of the Balearic Islands, caib and Última Hora.

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