Can Planes Museu Art Contemporani - Joan Bennàssar

Exhibition of Bennassar’s latest paintings at Sa Pobla

Joan Bennàssar exhibits his latest canvases in the Contemporary Art Museum of Sa Pobla (Mallorca) from this friday, the 30th of may, untill sunday, the 27th of july.

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Revista Terrunos - Joan Bennàssar

New cover and article for “Terruños 24” magazine

Joan Bennàssar and the Fundation for the Culture of Wine reinforce their affinity through a new collaboration in april of 2014. In 2013 we saw some paintings and a magnificent article

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Cartel "Sexe i cultura a Mallorca" - Joan Bennàssar

“Sex and culture in Mallorca” speech at Sant Joan

Gabriel Janer Manila and Joan Bennàssar offer a combined speech and an exhibiton of lithographies form the painter in the Ajuntament de Sant Joan, this friday 25th of april at 20:00

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Joan Bennàssar y Josep Vicent

“The song of the Earth” at the Auditòrium of Palma

This 28th of February of 2014, at 20:00 hours, the Symphonic Orchestra of the Balearic Islands, directed by Josep Vicent, incorporates canvases from Joan Bennàssar

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Premio Jaume II - Joan Bennàssar

“Jaume II” award and main speech to Bennàssar

Joan Bennàssar was awarded with the Premi Jaume II de 2013, delivered by the Consell de Mallorca, and gave a passionate speech on behalf of all the awarded.

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Punt Informatiu - Joan Bennàssar

An overview of the life and convictions of Bennàssar

In relation with the further delivery of the Jaume II award, the local newspaper Punt Informatiu interviews the artist in an overview of his life and personal convitions.

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